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STUD 100 in United Kingdom – Last longer in bed

Discover how to last longer in bed and avoid climaxing too quickly with the best treatment for premature ejaculation on the market.

Reward your partner with long-lasting sex and intense orgasms every time you get under the sheets. Keep a rock hard erection without letting genital hypersensitivity destroy your lust for passionate lovemaking. It only takes a single puff from the most potent male genital desensitizer spray to prolong a sexual encounter and take full control over your genitals.

Medically guaranteed to treat premature ejaculation

STUD 100 was first released in 1970 in the United States, and two years later in the United Kingdom. In less than five decades, this potent remedy for premature ejaculation has risen to worldwide popularity. Men from every corner of the world have already improved their sexual performance and made hasty orgasms a thing of the past.

Medical tests have revealed these impressive benefits of using STUD 100 as a method of preventing an early release:

  • 97% efficiency in treating premature ejaculation*
  • 80% increase of time spent under the sheets*
  • 67% more intense orgasms for you and your partner*
  • 93% enhancement of sexual satisfaction*
  • 75% fewer chances to disappoint your partner*
  • 0% chances of suffering adverse side effects*

*These figures represent the average results of tests performed on a substantial number of male subjects who underwent a lengthy and constant treatment with STUD 100. Results may vary from one person to another, depending on age, lifestyle, medical history, and genetic heritage.

Years of clinical studies and public endorsement from doctors have proven the maximum efficiency of STUD 100 in fighting erectile disorders. Long-term use of this desensitizer spray enhances your sexual performance and increases your ability to overcome genital hypersensitivity.

How an early release affects your sex life

Most men are too embarrassed to talk about their sexual mishaps. Premature ejaculation is not something to be proud of for any guy out there, but you should not be disheartened if it occurs to you. Here are some interesting facts that will help you understand how an early release affects your sex life:

Weak sexual performance

Ending a sex act when your partner has barely become aroused is a sign of weak sexual performance. You can blame it on fatigue, stress or be overly excited, but the solution to this problem lies deeper than that.

The fact is that you cannot let your erogenous areas dictate how good you are in bed. You can be in full control of your arousal state and delay ejaculation with a simple puff of the STUD 100 spray. Apply it on your penis with just a few minutes before penetration starts, and you can focus on lovemaking instead of trying to hold your excitement back.

Genital hypersensitivity

Many guys suffer from genital hypersensitivity at one point or another in their lives. For some men, it happens when they reach middle-age, while for others it starts as early as puberty. There is no shame in having susceptible erogenous points around your genitals. It is a natural aspect that defines you, and you should embrace it.

Once you become aware of your genital hypersensitivity, you can look for treatment for premature ejaculation with a more positive mindset. Your best choice is the universally acclaimed STUD 100 – a male genital anesthetic that prevents you from climaxing too quickly and does not let your high excitability get in the way of a great orgasm.

Low self-esteem

The fear of disappointing your partner in bed is perfectly normal. This concern attacks the very core of male sexuality and self-esteem. When you ejaculate prematurely, you feel incomplete no matter how much comfort and understanding you receive from your partner.

A weak sexual performance leads to low morale and a lack of confidence in your sexual prowess. It is no surprise why so many guys succumb to depression. However, all these unfavorable conditions can be quickly eliminated by using STUD 100. This highly effective remedy for early seminal release lets you decide when to climax and how long should the intercourse last. With successful performances during sex, you can finally feel like a real man again.

Mental disorder

Premature ejaculation may also be the result of a psychological disorder. It is not a medical condition that you inherit genetically, but one that you develop inadvertently following a long string of sexual mishaps. Too many early climaxes create a feeling of angst and even trepidation every time you get under the sheets. The high level of anxiety combined with the memories of sexual failure prevents you from performing naturally during intercourse.

To alleviate this issue and prevent your temporary fear from becoming a permanent phobia you need to use STUD 100 on a regular basis. Apply it on your genitals every time you prepare to have sex and concentrate on the act of lovemaking while your numb penis pleasures your partner for a more extended period than ever before.

Possible relationship problems

One of the saddest side effects of premature ejaculation is the potential breakup of the relationship you have with your partner. On the one hand, you have a guy that can only produce "one-minute" performances, and on the other side is his sexually unsatisfied partner who needs and deserves higher quality sex.

Human beings feed on sexual satisfaction as a primary need for a happy life. It is only normal that the lack of it may lead to separation or divorce. To get your life back on track and prevent the end of your relationship, you need to start using STUD 100 today. Surprise your partner with intense, long-lasting intercourses that bring her the delight and the comfort of having a virile lover in her bed.

What is in STUD 100?

The main ingredient in STUD 100 is Lidocaine.

Lidocaine was discovered in 1946 following a series of lab tests that aimed to create a potent numbing agent. The result astounded the medical field, and it soon became the basis of multiple anesthetics which are used in crucial surgeries even today.

The dose of Lidocaine present in STUD 100 is just enough to desensitize your erogenous area and allow you to last longer in bed. Regular use of this spray for male genital health has no side effects, and you can safely use it multiple times during a full night of passionate intercourse.

Each STUD 100 spray contains 10mg of natural male desensitizer, which has a base of 9.6% w/w of Lidocaine. The rest of the composition is made of water, vitamins and other compounds that sustain the correct application of this solution for premature ejaculation.

Full control over your orgasms

When you use STUD 100, you get more than just a swift delay of ejaculation. You become the master of your domain and gain complete control over your orgasms. A single puff on your erect penis transforms you into a hot, mean sexy machine that can last for a long time in bed.

The benefit of controlling your release is that you decide in which way the sexual intercourse is heading. You can choose between rewarding your partner with one or multiple orgasms in a row, while you delay your climax to gain more pleasure for the both of you.

With STUD 100 you finally get the chance to become the lover that you have always dreamt to be. At the same time, you can share an intense sexual experience with your significant other. Embrace a new way of having safe, long-lasting intercourse and mend or strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

The benefits of using a local genital desensitizer

STUD 100 reignites your lust for passionate sex. With a newly-found level of stamina and a satisfying amount of time spent under the sheets, you get to see life from a more positive perspective. A high spirit is not the only advantage provided by this product. Here are all the benefits of using a local desensitizer:

Easy application

STUD 100 is easy to use. Just spray the Lidocaine-based solution on the tip of your penis, and you're ready to go.

Quick effect

STUD 100 numbs your erogenous area in less than two minutes. Apply it before penetration and use the extra time to prolong a passionate foreplay.

Lengthy ejaculation delay

STUD 100 allows you to maintain an erection without ejaculating for several minutes in a row. In fact, you last as long as you physically can before climaxing.

Increased stamina

STUD 100 enables you to control your sexual performance and dose your efforts. With an increased endurance, you get to decide when to speed up the action or slow the tempo of the sexual act.

Easy removal

STUD 100 is relatively simple to remove from your genitals after use. The colorless, odorless substance is easily washable with water, and it does not leave stains, spots or rashes.

It works with a condom

STUD 100 is entirely compatible with the spermicide present in most types of condoms. Its numbing effect will not be affected if you use protection during intercourse.

No side effects

STUD 100 is based on Lidocaine, a substance used in various medical practices. This solution is harmless for the human body. Nevertheless, you should consult the doctor before using a topical desensitizer in case you suffer from an allergy to this kind of products.

The long-lasting effect of STUD 100

STUD 100 helps you create fond memories with your lover. It is remarkable how a tiny spray for male genital control can allow you to make a single moment last forever. Regular use of this remedy for premature ejaculation enhances your sexual performance and changes your life for the better.

Applied before each intercourse, STUD 100 provides you with a long-lasting effect that you can extend for hours in a row if your physical prowess allows it. Nevertheless, increasing the time you spend in bed from 2 to 20 minutes with a simple puff of Lidocaine is nothing short of impressive.

Another significant advantage of using STUD 100 is its long shelf life. This male genital desensitizer spray lasts in your medicine cabinet for up to five years. Therefore, you can store it even if you are going through a dry spell. On the other hand, with the ability to last longer in bed and deliver unforgettable orgasms it is hard to believe that you will miss any sexual activity for too long.

STUD 100 User reviews

STUD 100 has changed the lives of millions of men across the world. No less than 97% of the users have improved their sexual stamina and can now delay ejaculation for as long as they want. The endless list of benefits that result from using this male genital desensitizer is present in the high number of honest testimonials.

Here are a few STUD 100 customer reviews that reveal how easy it is to take control of your genitals and treat premature ejaculation:

STUD 100 – the marriage bender

"Before using the spray, I had a real tough time getting in bed with my wife. I used to reach orgasm way long before she could even get into it. This was going on for many years, so she was unsatisfied. I was reluctant to use any medicine until we had the big talk – either I was gonna look for help, or she will divorce me. I took the right decision in buying STUD 100, and my whole life turned around. Now we live a happy marriage, and we even do it more often than before."

Jeff 52, Boston, Massachusetts

STUD 100 – the stress reliever

“I had been married for ten years when I started using STUD 100. Sex with my wife had become a rare presence in our relationship, even if we still loved each other very much. The problem was my stressful job that worn me down and forced me to ejaculate prematurely every single time we had intercourse. After using this spray, everything got back to normal. I still have the mind-numbing job, but now I know that when I get home, I can surprise and satisfy my wife with a long night of passionate sex."

Russell 36, Brisbane, Australia

STUD 100 – the sex power enhancer

“I am not a one lady's man. I have rarely been in long relationships, and I believe I am too young for that sort of a headache anyway. The life of a bachelor is not that easy, I tell you. You have to maintain a reputation. When I lost my ability to last longer in bed, I was smashed to pieces. Every girl I shagged was left disappointed. Thanks to STUD 100 I recovered my sexual stamina, and now I can go back to having casual sex without worrying about finishing too early.”

Richard 27, Manchester, UK

What do doctors say about STUD 100?

Due to its high dose of Lidocaine, STUD 100 is highly efficient for men who struggle with premature ejaculation. Doctors recommend this male genital desensitizer spray for their male adult patients, even if it is an over-the-counter medicine.

STUD 100 is a safe male genital spray that has no adverse side effects if you use it according to the label instructions.

As it is the case with any medical product, STUD 100 requires you to inspect the label and pay full attention to any consequences that might result from its use. Here are a few guidelines that you should consider before using this topical anesthetic:

  • STUD 100 is for external use only
  • Do not use this local desensitizer on open wounds or inflamed skin
  • STUD 100 delays ejaculation but it does not affect erectile quality or your sperm
  • Avoid using the spray if your partner is pregnant
  • The maximum number of STUD 100 sprays is 24 puffs in 24 hours
  • Do not inhale the spray
  • Avoid using STUD 100 if you are allergic to topical anesthetics.

Why choose STUD 100 instead of other genital anesthetics?

The main difference between STUD 100 and other genital anesthetics is its high efficiency proven in no less than 47 years of continuous production, development, and sale. During this time, it has earned the appraisal of both patients and doctors as the most potent male genital desensitizer spray on the market. Its unique composition and rapid effect against premature ejaculation recommend it as the no.1 remedy for erectile problems in the world.

Last longer in bed starting today!

It is time to win the battle with premature ejaculation! You cannot live the rest of your life thinking about sports while you blankly stare at the headboard, and trying desperately not to ejaculate too soon. Forget about those lame intercourses when you barely made it to two minutes of boring, fringy sex! It is time to provide your partner with the sexual satisfaction that she deserves. Invest in a male genital anesthetic that will rejuvenate your sexual life and enhance your performance under the sheets. Use STUD 100 before having sex and last longer in bed than ever before. Puff it once and let it numb your hypersensitive penis while you engage in passionate, fiery, long-lasting sex with your lover. Take STUD 100 today and make those “one-minute performances” a thing of the past!