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3 smart techniques to delay ejaculation

More than 30% of the male adult population struggles with premature ejaculation. Also known as “the point of no return” – this medical condition brings an abrupt end to the sexual act when the man climaxes too quickly.

The most common consequences of this "failure to launch" event vary from disappointment and low self-esteem to depression, breakup, and even divorce.

To avoid becoming just another guy with a low sexual performance and an unhappy sex life, you need to take control over your genitals. Here are three smart techniques to delay ejaculation:

Become a super stud

If you want to impress your partner with unforgettable intercourse and intense orgasms, you need to become a master in lovemaking. Experience will get you there, and so will a high libido. However, it only takes one premature ejaculation to see your confidence crumbling down, and your sex drive diminishing drastically.

Fortunately, there is a smart technique of delaying ejaculation, and it implies the use of the strongest male genital desensitizer on the market: Stud 100. This Lidocaine-based spray will numb your erogenous area in just a few seconds, and give you complete control over your genitals. Apply it once before penetration, and you get to last for hours in bed.

Stud 100 is a clinically tested enhancer of sexual performance that has no side effects on your health. It has been on the market since the 1970s, and it has improved the sex lives of millions of men worldwide. A single bottle lasts for as much as 120 puffs, which will most probably reward you with at least three months of spectacular, lengthy intercourse.

The squeeze technique

If you are worried about premature ejaculation and you have not made the smart move of using Stud 100, this next technique might help you.

When you are already in the middle of intercourse, and you feel the orgasm just around the corner, stop the penetration and squeeze your penis for ten good seconds. Apply pressure on the shaft between the penis tip and the glands to desensitize your erogenous area. You should be able to continue the sex act if you perform this technique once every few minutes.

The downside to using the squeeze technique is that it will most probably turn off your partner. She could be hijacked from her way to orgasm by your strange behavior of satisfying yourself during full intercourse.

Get thicker condoms

Nowadays, almost all condoms available on the market are extra thin. The good old rubbers had a certain thickness that helped you delay ejaculation for another few minutes. Unfortunately, today we pay the price of pleasure with untimely climaxing.

Stud 100 is the smartest way of keeping control over your ejaculation. If you would like to try an alternative to this already proven the method of genital desensitization, you can knock on the door of every pharmacy in town.

Ask them if they have any remaining lots of “old school condoms” – the ones that resemble more the tires of a car than a sensual cover for your penis. It might not be the most effective method, but if it helps you overcome the usual two minutes you last in bed, you should give it a try.