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5 Sure ways to treat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation – it does not seem so bad until it happens to you. This rule is valid for all adult men. Losing control over your erogenous zones and climaxing too quickly can destroy a promising sexual act and a guy’s self-esteem.

If you often reach orgasm long before your partner does, you might have a problem in delaying your seminal release. The good news is that you can cure this erectile issue without medication. Here are five sure ways to treat premature ejaculation permanently:

Boost your stud abilities

When it comes to sex, women prefer partners that can last long under the sheets. You might be the proud owner of a huge penis, but it won’t do anybody any good if you can barely keep it erect for two minutes. In this regard, delaying ejaculation is more important than size or good looks.

Fortunately, you can solve the problem of premature ejaculation by using Stud 100 – the world's leading male genital desensitizer spray. A single puff from this powerful remedy is enough to get rid of your hypersensibility and help you last in bed for as long as you want.

Stud 100 UK bases its impressive ability to keep you erect for a long time on a high dose of Lidocaine. This clinically tested anesthetic numbs the sensitive points in your erogenous area, thus allowing you to take full control over your penis. Consistent use of this remedy for early release lets you decide when to climax and helps you reward your partner with unforgettable orgasms, regardless of your penile size.

Pelvic floor muscle workouts

Another way of gaining control over your hypersensitive genitals is to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. The narrow strip of muscle tissue located under your genitals weakens with time and becomes one of the reasons you ejaculate too soon.

Although not as useful as Stud 100, you can work out your pelvic floor muscles in your free time by contacting the tissue for a few seconds and then relaxing them. Repeat this exercise every day to strengthen the control you have over your genitals.

Change sex routine

Without using Stud 100, you are susceptible to premature ejaculation every time you have sex. In case you have not applied the desensitizer before getting into bed, you can still delay climaxing by changing the sex routine.

Every time you feel like reaching orgasm change the position or even go from penetration to oral sex to get quick relief from sexual pressure. This technique is not 100% reliable, and you might also upset your partner with the constant, chaotic changes.

Slow it down

Do you remember the pelvic floor muscle workouts? Well, if you have already reached the penetration stage of intercourse and realize that you forgot to apply Stud 100 on your penis, try flexing your pelvic muscles. This method will drastically slow you down, as you concentrate more on the exercise than on the actual sex act. Again, while it might win you some time, it could undoubtedly anger your partner.

Look for professional help

If you do not trust the clinically proven powers of Stud 100 – a treatment for premature ejaculation that is on the market since the 1970s – you should look for professional help. There is a small chance that your inability to delay climaxing is related to a psychological issue.