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How it works

If you are struggling with premature ejaculation and have discovered the power of male genital desensitizers, you are probably wondering how Stud 100 works.

As with any medical treatment you choose to follow, you should be aware of all its implications before you start using it. Here is a complete guide on how Stud 100 delays ejaculation and helps you last longer in bed:

When to use it

Stud 100 is a clinically tested remedy for male sexual health. International medical authorities approve it and recommended by doctors worldwide to cure erectile problems. You should use this genital desensitizer before having intercourse.

Applying Stud 100 without taking part in a sexual act afterward has no side effects. However, it will lose its efficiency if you let too much time pass between spraying it and having intercourse. This natural remedy for premature ejaculation is best to use with just a few minutes before penetration takes place.

How to apply it

To last longer in bed and provide your partner with a great orgasm you need to spray Stud 100 once on your penis before having sex.

Every sexually experienced man knows which the erogenous zones in his genital area are. For some guys, the tip of the penis is the most sensitive part, while for others it is the base of the shaft. Apply Stud 100 to the area that you consider to be your weakest sensorial point.

Do not apply Stud 100 excessively. Usually, one spray is enough. You can use this powerful male desensitizer between different sexual acts to increase your potency and delay ejaculation for as long as you want.

Why does it work?

Stud 100 is the most effective treatment for premature ejaculation on the market due to its high dose of Lidocaine. This substance is an external numbing agent that anesthetizes your erogenous points and helps you last longer in bed.

Stud 100 works in 99% of the cases of precipitant ejaculation. The numbing effect varies from one male to another, and it is dependent on a series of factors that include age, medical condition, and genetic heritage.

How long does it take to numb my penis?

The most significant benefits of using Stud 100 are its quick action and its maximum efficiency. It only takes a few minutes for your penis to absorb it and anesthetize the sensitive areas. This technique gives you plenty of time to undress, relax and add length to a sensual foreplay.

Stud 100 works perfectly if you cover your penis with a condom or not. Either way, you should thoroughly clean the substance off of your shaft as soon as intercourse comes to an end.

When to avoid spraying Stud 100 on your shaft

Stud 100 is a pump-spray genital desensitizer that you need to apply on your penis. Avoid using it if you have any open wound on your rod. Do not use it if you are suffering from a venereal disease or if your partner is pregnant. Also, consult your doctor if you have an allergy to local anesthetics.