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How to reduce male genital sensitivity

Premature ejaculation is a real genital problem that most men prefer to ignore or confess to having it. Climaxing too quickly is, in fact, a natural process and guys should seek help in reducing it instead of succumbing to depression or low self-esteem.

If you are currently having trouble lasting longer in bed, you should use Stud 100 – the best male genital desensitizer on the market. This Lidocaine-based spray numbs your genital area and allows you to prolong intercourse while keeping an erect penis at the same time. Check out how to reduce male genital sensitivity and get to orgasm together with your partner!

Do I have a genital sensitivity?

The majority of men last between 4 and 11 minutes in bed. Anything lower than that is medically considered male genital sensitivity, which often leads to premature ejaculation. Some guys can barely last for 2 minutes before ejaculating, and they are oblivious to their condition.

If you already last over ten minutes during each intercourse, you do not have to worry about having an erectile dysfunction. The real performers may even please their partners with over 20 minutes of continuous sexual pleasure.

To reach that stage you need the help of a natural genital anesthetic like Stud 100. A single puff from this sexual performance enhancer is enough to keep you going even after you surpass the 11-minute standard limit.

How to treat premature ejaculation

Sexual encounters are all about attraction, passion and long-lasting satisfaction. If one of these ingredients is missing, you are undoubtedly feeling more nuisance than a pleasure. Many guys are passionate about sex, and they don't need to be immensely attracted to their partners to engage in intercourse.

However, most of them give little attention to how much they last in bed, and they care less if their low stamina pleases their partners.

The first step to treating premature ejaculation is admitting you have a problem. If your partner is not satisfied with the one-minute performances you display in bed, you need to take immediate action!

Start using Stud 100 today, and naturally deal with hasty orgasms. This male genital spray enhances your stamina and allows you to have complete control over your penis. Its main benefit is that you can concentrate on providing your partner with pleasure instead of finding silly ways of delaying your climax.

Reduce the time spent between sex acts

Another significant advantage provided by Stud 100 is the quick recovery between sex acts. As the hefty dose of Lidocaine enters your blood, your muscles contract and respond quicker to stimulants. This means that you get to spend less time between intercourses and get back in the saddle as soon as your partner desires it.

Stud 100 is a medically certified male genital desensitizer spray that has a 100% rate of efficiency. The manufacturer claims there are over 120 puffs in the small bottle of Lidocaine-based fluid, which is enough to help you through at least three months of long-lasting sexual encounters.