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With a history in preventing premature ejaculation of over 45 years, Stud 100 still helps millions of men delay their orgasm with maximum efficiency. The secret behind its long-time success is the unique blend of ingredients that have been clinically proven to sustain and improve male sexual health. Here are the natural elements in Stud 100 that will enhance your performance under the sheets:


The unprecedented efficiency of Stud 100 is based on its primary ingredient: Lidocaine. This substance is a natural nerve blocker that numbs the area where you spray it. Direct application on your penis acts as an anesthetic for your sensitive erogenous regions. Regular use improves your sex life and gets rid of penile hypersensitivity.

Lidocaine was discovered in 1946, and it is now one of the top medical remedies in the List of Essential Medicines compiled by the World Health Organization. Scientists have developed this substance for more than 70 years to reach its current impressive efficiency. Stud 100 makes good use of this anesthetic to help men become better in bed and last longer during intercourse.

The best way to use Stud 100 is to spray it on your erect penis before having sex. The significant dose of Lidocaine contained by this natural treatment for premature ejaculation will numb your erogenous zone in a couple of minutes. Consistent use will allow your body to become accustomed to this substance and absorb the anesthetic easier and quicker before each sexual act.

Memorable orgasms, lengthy intercourse, and delayed ejaculation are all possible due to Stud 100. Its healthy dose of Lidocaine lasts for as much as 120 sprays. A single container is enough to sustain a healthy sexual life for at least three months.

Thousands of men have already praised the powers of Stud 100 in their reviews, and they have become regular users of this remedy for precipitated ejaculation. Due to using Lidocaine on a weekly basis, they can now enjoy longer and more satisfying orgasms together with their partners.

Lidocaine is 100% safe for human use. It has no negative consequences for your health, and it is not known for producing any side effects. As a base component of Stud 100, this substance boosts male sexual health without endangering the overall well-being.

Stud 100 has been conceived only for males, and it is not recommended for women. Lidocaine is not harmful to female sexual health, and it does not produce any adverse side effects, regardless of the partner’s gender.

Additional ingredients

Besides Lidocaine, Stud 100 UK formula also includes small quantities of water, vitamins and other compounds which benefit the rapid absorption of Lidocaine by the male body. Extensive use improves genital health and prevents over-rapid ejaculation.

Lidocaine is an external agent, and it is not meant to be consumed orally. Apply Stud 100 on the shaft of your penis and allow it a few minutes to become active. Do not spray it in or around other cavities of your body. If you notice any unpleasant effects, stop using it and contact your doctor at once.