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Stud 100 has helped men all over the world perform better in bed ever since the 1970s. It is no surprise that during this time it has garnered the appraisal of the medical field and uncountable positive customer reviews from satisfied users.

If you are struggling with premature ejaculation and you are not yet convinced about this Lidocaine-fueled desensitizer, take a look at what these happy men have to say about the world’s leading male genital delay spray:

The one thing found in all Stud 100 customer reviews

Stud 100 improves male sexual performance and boosts self-esteem for guys who cannot perform for too long in bed. All customer reviews reveal that a single spray on your shaft is enough to guarantee a lengthy and satisfying sexual experience every time you use this product.

Due to its significant amount of Lidocaine, Stud 100 can numb your erogenous zones in a matter of seconds. Over 97% of users notice an anesthetic-like feeling in their genital zone after just two minutes of use. This process enables you to maintain a rock hard erection for as long as you want without giving in to a premature orgasm that brings an abrupt end to intercourse.

The honest testimonials of Stud 100 consumers

No less than 93% of Stud 100 users have revealed that their sexual lives have drastically improved after using this male genital desensitizer. Guys who used to last for barely two minutes under the sheets can now perform at their desired pace for tens of minutes in a row.

An analysis of the honest testimonials received from our clients shows that over 34% of the users have Stud 100 to thank for saving their relationships. Many of these men had lost all their confidence and belief of lasting longer in bed. Premature ejaculation had estranged their partners, and they were on the verge of dramatic breakups until they used this highly effective treatment for erectile problems.

As soon as their sexual performance was enhanced and they could delay ejaculation, their entire lives changed. By being able of offering their partners long-lasting intercourses and unforgettable orgasms they were able to bring back happiness into their relationships. Now, they use Stud 100 on a regular basis to have full control over their erogenous zones and their overall sexual lives.

The side effects of genital desensitizers on users

The main ingredient in Stud 100 UK is Lidocaine - an FDA-approved substance that has no side effects on human health. In more than four decades of use, there has not been reported any unpleasant consequences from men who have used this male genital desensitizer.

As with any other medical treatment, it is recommended that you ask your doctor before using this product. Even if our user testimonials have not revealed any side effects, you should take into account that you have a different medical history and genetic heritage from any other man. Please seek medical advice if you consider that Lidocaine could interfere in a negative way with your current health status.