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The manly man’s guide on how to delay ejaculation

Most men take great pleasure in boasting about their sexual contests. Few of them, however, is brave enough to admit that they have ejaculated prematurely at least once in their lives.

Statistics show that almost 44% of the male adults have reached “the point of no return” and ended their sexual act abruptly to the great disappointment of their partners. From a manly man's point of view, nothing is embarrassing about premature ejaculation. In fact, this event is a natural combination of over-excitement and hypersensitivity.

Climaxing too quickly only becomes a problem when it occurs with every intercourse. It is then that you have to take measures and improve your sexual performance. Follow the manly man’s guide on how to delay ejaculation and add quality to your sexual life.

Step 1: Have the attitude of a stud

The first step to gaining complete control over your ejaculation has confidence. In the end, you cannot have a spectacular performance in bed if you don't think, and act like a stud. Believe in yourself and focus on becoming a real lover every time you get under the sheets.

Your ideal ally in this endeavor is Stud 100 – the only male genital desensitizer on the market guaranteed to delay ejaculation. A single puff from this Lidocaine-packed spray is enough to numb your erogenous areas and give you full control over your entire performance in bed.

With Stud 100 you can become a real champion of intercourse and delay climax for as long as you want. This perfectly safe remedy for erectile problems enhances your sexual ability and enables you to provide your partner with unforgettable orgasms with every single intercourse.

Step 2: Delay ejaculation for hours

Imagine passing from the regular 2 minutes of intercourse to full hours of passionate sex. You might think that such a feat is impossible, but you will immediately change your mind with a single puff of Stud 100. This cure for erectile failure boosts your stamina and anesthetizes the sensitive points on and around your penis to help you last longer in bed.

Stud 100 has been thoroughly tested by scientists and medical researchers ever since its release in 1970. The fact that it is still considered one of the most significant advents of modern medicine proves the efficiency of the world's leading male genital desensitizer. At the moment, it is the only product that ensures you don’t ejaculate prematurely for several hours in a row.

Step 3: Spray it, use it, repeat!

Stud 100 is reasonably easy to use. Just spray it on your penis before getting into bed with your partner, and enjoy the lengthy sex act that is about to follow. Long-term use improves your sexual performance and allows you to have better control over your ejaculation.

The fact that Stud 100 has no side effects has been welcomed by millions of men who struggle with erectile dysfunction. Guys with a different genetic background, age or medical history can benefit from the same impressive power of the best genital desensitizer on the market.